Starts 30th May

10 Week Challenge


  Slide110 Week Challenge Winners.

10 Week Challenge Results.
Over 73kg lost!
Over 600cm lost!
Over 520 minutes improvement in time

Just an amazing effort by everyone in the challenge. Well Done
Alot of hard work and sticking to the plan has given our challengers a big kickstart to acheiving their goals, some have been able to aheive them already.
Now the challenge is finsihed however it is not the time to give up of the plan. All that hard work can be very easily be undone. So stay on track.

The structure of the challenge is a great way for people starting from nothing, looking for the next challenge or needing to be accountable to someone to keep them on track.
Regularly weigh in and setting weekly goals along with the weekly fitness chalenges, the week challenge will provide you with the support you need to acheive your fitness goals.

In this challenge we had so many worthly winners and everyone should be proud of their efforts.
To find our winner we looked at the weight loss, cms lost and the amount of time taken off their challenges.
It was very hard to separate the final 6 people.
The final six people lost over 40kg, 225cms & 210 minutes.

In the end we decided on our winner who lost 8.2kg, 58cms & reduced their time by 27.33mins.
Doing pt, classes and extra sessions, along with following the plan set out by Bodhi and pushing hard all the time sees our winner looking amazing.

Well done Tammy Watson. Awesome effort.

Our next challenge with a few changes starts on the 13th February 2017
A great way to lead into your Summer fitness campaign.
Contact us to register your interest and bbok your preffered times.

Contact us to Change you life forever.

Our next challenge will include some great advice and help from The House of Nutrition Carlee Quirk

10 Week Challenge Focus Nutrition Squad Just $49.00 Valued at over $120 1 x 30 min Fitness Nutrition Consultation Recommend prior to or 1st week of Challenge Includes diet, exercise & sleep assessment followed by individualised nutrition plan 1 x 20 min Follow-up Fitness Nutrition Consultation Recommended at 5 week mark of Challenge Providing support & guidance by monitoring progress to-date to ensure on-track to meet Challenge goals Weekly email provided by accredited Nutritionist, Carlee Quirk (this is strictly only to people who sign up for Focus Nutrition Squad) Each week’s email will vary in detail – including nutrition tips, recipes, other resources Conditions Must sign-up and make payment directly with The House of Nutrition. Consultation appointments can only be used just prior to Challenge commencing until the end of final week of Challenge.