Starts 30th May

10 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Focus Wellbeing & Fitness 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge is great way to push yourself to new levels and acheive amazing results.

The Challenge is broken into two halves. For the first 5 weeks you will complete  2 different challenges every week. These challenges are made up of a mixture of aerobic & strength activities. Your performance is measured by the time you take to complete each challenge. This time is only measured against yourself not anybody else.

The first 5 weeks is the hardest of the challenge as you have a new test every week and it is hard to measure your improvement in fitness and strength.

So the first 5 weeks can seem hard as you don’t seem to see any improvement as each challenge is against the clock so you work as hard as you can

Every week your trainer will have a catch up with you to check you progress, plan your weekly activity and help keep you moving forward.

This is one of the best parts of the challenge as it keeps you accountable every week. As you know your trainer is going to ask you what activity you did last week, do you measurements and check your healthy eating habits for the week. So no cheating here.

Over the next 5 weeks you complete the challenges again trying to better your time for the one before. Over the first 5 weeks you will have improved your fitness and now you will be able to see all the hard work is paying off in the last 5 weeks.

You will be amazed at the result you will see.

Session are one on one for 30mins.

Times are based on your availability.

Trainers are based on your request or times available.

Cost for Members is $450

Cost for Non-Members is $600

Contact us on 0357 432800 or email for more imformation or to book your position for the next challenge