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The House of Nutrition Did you know the foods you eat have a significant impact on your body’s ability to sustain the toughest of workouts? Not only that, your dietary intake is the framework of your health status not just for today, but for the rest of your life. The House of Nutrition provides individual nutrition consultations to assist and support your fitness regime by optimising your health and wellness through the food you eat.

Carlee is an accredited Holistic Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). Carlee, the founder of The House of Nutrition food philosophy focuses on fuelling your body with nutrient-dense wholefoods alongside practising mindful and sustainable lifestyle practices to help rejuvenate your body and achieve optimal health. Carlee endeavours to empower you to achieve your own health and fitness goals through nourishing your body with continued education and motivation.

Fitness Nutrition Consultations – $54.00

In this 30-minute session you will be provided a personal and packaged nutritional service specific to optimise your fitness regime and goals. This consultation includes – a diet, exercise and sleep assessment followed by an individualised nutrition plan.

Follow-Up Fitness Nutrition Consultations – $44.00

20-minute follow-up sessions are strongly recommended, providing ongoing support and guidance by monitoring your progress to ensure you are on track to reaching your goals. This will assist you in filling your health and fitness tool kit to ensure your strengths and weaknesses are managed.

Additional Services

If you wish to seek nutritional advice outside of your fitness regime and diet, The House of Nutrition also provides holistic nutrition consultations which are priced accordingly. These individualised consultations delve into finding the root cause of conditions or symptoms you may be experiencing, taking into consideration your diet, lifestyle, environment, stress and family history. The goal is to enable healing from the inside, out.

In addition to individual consultations, The House of Nutrition also provides education, recipe development, nutrition programs and workshops. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of your business, group and attendees.

Private Health Insurance

Nutrition is covered as a rebate with some private health funds. For more information, refer to your policy or contact your private health fund directly. Or you can contact The House of Nutrition directly to discuss.

Work with The House of Nutrition 

Start your journey to optimal health today. Contact Carlee on 0411 423 368 or via email to discover how a nutrition consultation can assist in improving your health and wellbeing.


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